Jim O'Connor & Christine Anderson

Jim O'ConnorJim O’Connor and Chris Anderson began performing together in the rock band, Steadfast, in 2005. They began working together as a duo in 2011, performing in a variety of venues throughout the Madison, WI area. It’s a life-long dream for both of them, and they are having a blast!

Jim’s first instrument was the banjo. He picked it up at the age of 14 after discovering the music of Earl Scruggs. At 16 he made an easy transition to guitar, and is now skilled on acoustic, resonator, square neck Dobro and electric guitars. Jim’s “thumb and finger” picking style was inspired by Merle Travis. He also dabbles in dulcimer, and harbors a secret penchant for bluegrass. Jim’s vocals are a natural addition to his instrumental talent. A little known fact about Jim is his vast knowledge and expertise in craft beers.

Chris GantzChris can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to sing more than anything else. She started piano at the age of 9. At 12 she bought her first guitar at a local record shop for $20 with her babysitting money. She debuted at 16 with the band “Midnight Carnival” whose one and only gig was undoubtedly legendary. Hand percussion instruments are among those things that everybody picks up in elementary school. Chris just never got around to putting them back down. The ukulele is a recent addition to her collection and is just plain fun to play, as are the auto harp and the melodica.

Back2Back at BratfestWhat We Offer
Our Music
We cover a wide variety of artists and musical styles including rock, folk-rock, pop and a bit of country. You’ll hear songs by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, The Civil Wars, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

Our instruments are acoustic & include:
   Acoustic Guitar
   Resonator Guitar
   Square Neck Dobro
   Hand percussion

Sound System
We have our own portable sound system, perfect for many venues including coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and patios.

Our Venues
We enjoy performing in a variety of venues. You will find us in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, on patios, at weddings, at parties, benefits and community events.

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